Details about printing materials, prices, sizes and delivery

         Size                              Gloss/Matt   

6 X 4 in (15X10 cm)       40 USD  Open Edition

12 X 8 in (30X20 cm)     90 USD  Open Edition

24 X 36 in (60X90 cm)  600 USD Limited Edition of 20 prints

180 USD 
800 USD  

6 X 4 in (15X10 cm)                

12 X 8 in (30X20 cm)               

24 X 36 in (60X90 cm)

I generally rely on this simple schema to sell my pictures. As metioned below, any particular request has to be submitted through an email.


All photos on this website are available for purchase. If you do not see the photograph you want below, check the photo gallery of the specific project and send an email requesting the photograph you want to be added to the shop.



The brand I use is Fredrix. Canvas may ocassionally be used if required. Canvas prints may not match on-screen photo colors identically, as such it is important to keep in mind: photographs printed on canvas may not match existing furniture, paint, or other interior design elements.



Framing is generally not available. I only do high-end custom framing per special request. However, half the added costs are shipping and handling, which is why it's usually in the best interest of the client to frame photographs his or herself.



I offer the 3 sizes listed above. Per request, a specific size can be printed.


Open Editions are signed, titled and numbered on verso, as each sale comes in. The numbering of Limited Editions varies according to the remaining prints available.

Your data

During the buying process, you should include your name and address in the "add note to seller" box.

Turnaround Time

Photo printing takes 2 working days, and Canvas printing takes 5. The set prices include standard shipping time of up to 3 weeks for overseas and less for local (Colombia) shipments. If you specify in "the add note to seller," you can receive your photo in a shorter time, but I will choose a service such as DHL or UPS, in this case overall prices will increase. I will get in touch with you and inform you about the final price.


Gloss or Matte

I use only 100% cotton rag paper (brand MOAB). A glossy finish tends to give an image more saturated colors, whereas a matte finish tends to reduce glare and look more "artsy." For Open Editions, if you cannot decide or do not specify a finish preference, I will decide depending on which one I think is the best for the determined photo. During the buying process you can specify your choice in the "add note to seller" box. Limited Edition print finishes, however, are pre-determined.



All sales are final. If an image or frame is damaged upon arrival, it will be replaced as soon as it is returned. There are, however, no refunds.

Payment method

Paypal gives you the opportunity to choose among a variety of credit cards.If you prefer a different payment method, I might be able to arrange it for you. Just let me know through an email.

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