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Amerindian ontology in a concrete jungle.

The case of indigenous people from the Northwest Amazon moving to Bogotà.

This project includes:

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amerindian city, religion

Key words:  Colombia, religion, ontology, identity, indigenous, society, ideas, ritual, nature.

The purpose of this report is to assess what happens to the so-called animism, as soon as Amerindians find themselves outside of their original environment. Specifically, it focuses on the situation lived by a group of Amerindian people displaced from the Amazon and now settled in Bogotá.

Scholars relevant in this field, including Dr. Gow, Dr. Rival, Dr. Ingold, Dr. Virtanen, Dr. Hugh-Jones and Dr. Arhem have been contacted and a few have provided some insight into the matter.


The report is expected to be published in January.

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