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Fund my current project

I am currently trying to bring on board as many people as possible for ongoing projects, whether this means just staying up to date on the progress of the project or donating as well. As of March 2016, I will start producing monthly videos for people to keep track of my current project on Amerindians though short stories and follow up reports.


I sincerely hope to get people interested in funding my work on this project. In exchange for donations, to those who wish it, I offer printed photographs arising from this project.


I usually sell my pictures according to the prices shown in the table below. More information about how I sell my pictures is available here.

    Size                                   Gloss/Matt   

   6 X 4 in (15 X10 cm)           40 USD  Open Edition             

  12 X 8 in (30 X20 cm)          90 USD  Open Edition       

 24 X 36 in (60 X 90 cm)       600 USD Limited Edition of 20 prints    

Since my project should finalize in June, people have the time and the opportunity to fund me until the month of May.


Donation amounts are open and unrestricted; you can give as little as 10 USD, for example. However, by donating more than 50 USD you have the chance to receive a printed photo with a discount of almost 50% in comparison to my usual prices. This means that for every 50 USD donated, you have the option to receive a photo that normally would cost 80 USD (30 X 20 cm). Likewise, Limited Edition prints will be available for only a 350 USD donation.


Once you give your donation by clicking on the "Donate" link below, send me an email to let me know if you would like a photo print. Before the report is published, pictures will be shown to all donators who would like to choose their photo(s).


There is the possibility that the project's completion could be delayed, but only by a maximum of two months. If for any reason the project is not completed as scheduled, a refund is available upon request until the month of October 2016.



A short video introducing the current project is available below. For those who have more time, a deeper account is available at: Amerindian ontology in a concrete jungle

You can easily open a PayPal account and use your credit card to make your donation.

Apart from PayPal, this system allows to use credit cards without needing any third party service.

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